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Choosing a Dock Seal or Shelter

Choosing the right dock seal or shelter is the key to solving your environmental control needs. But there are no “off-the-shelf” solutions. Your situation is unique. Learn more about the factors you should consider when deciding which seal or shelter is right for you.

Dock Seals

Provide a tight compression seal around the trailer top and sides for the highest sealing efficiency.

Fit smaller door openings up to 9’x10‘.

Incoming truck sizes must be relatively consistent.

Access to loads on the trailer can be restricted by foam protrusion into the trailer opening.

Dock Shelters

Create a perimeter wiper seal around the sides and top of trailer.

Fit larger door openings up to 10’x10’.

Able to accommodate larger variety of trailer sizes including those with tailgates or other extensions.

Provide full, unobstructed access to loads on trailers– nothing protrudes into trailer opening.

Impactable side frames to resist damage from trailers (optional).

Trailer-door hinge gap seals on shelter side curtains (optional).

Under-leveler Dock Seal

If you're already investing in a dock seal or shelter to control the environmental conditions at your dock, why stop at sealing only 3 sides? Complete the job by sealing the fourth side with an under-leveler seal, which helps to keep insects, dust and debris out and heating and cooling energy in by closing off the pit and sealing up air gaps.

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