Loading Dock Design Part-2

Improper design and planning of your dock facilities can lead to expensive, time-consuming and serious safety issues. The fact is, trailers can move dangerously and unexpectedly, exposing your company to great risk and cost. So when choosing a vehicle restraint the questions to consider are:

1. What types of trailers do you use?

2. Do you have a captive fleet?

3. Is your dock approach level or sloped?

4. How heavy are your loads?

Vehicle restraints provide the highest level of security through full-time communication to the dock personnel and truck drivers as well as safe and secure attachment to the dock. Clear, concise communication is critical to safety at the loading dock.

Only Rite-Hite restraints offer full-time communication with Corner-Vu and Leveler-Vu – which is crucial to loading dock safety.

Dok-Lok restraints are designed to “win” if challenged and withstand the loading dock environment.

Dok-Loks help prevent all types of trailer separation accidents.

Rite-Hite has a restraint to fit every application and budget.


What methods do you currently use to secure the trailers at your facility?

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