Reducing Heat Stress with HVLS Fans

Extremely hot weather has always presented problems for industrial facilities, but never more so than today. Excessive heat issues can directly affect an organization's bottom line, causing legal, insurance and regulatory headaches, not to mention lowering employee productivity and morale. With online commerce driving an ever-faster pace of shipping and receiving, monthly average temperatures on the rise, and several high-profile lawsuits in the public’s consciousness (and case law books), facility managers are facing a perfect storm of heat-related issues this summer. Fortunately, there are several ways to address this issue.

Types and Causes of Heat Stress

Heat stress can manifest itself in a variety of forms. While some are less severe than others, all are potentially dangerous. The mildest form are heat fatigue, in which workers begin to lose concentration and perform erratically, and heat rash, which occurs when sweat ducts get plugged and skin becomes agitated and painful. People who've had previous heat rash or extreme sunburns can become more prone to this. Heat stress may also cause heat cramps, typically in the larger muscles used during work, including the back, arms, legs, and abdomen. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance caused by prolonged sweating are typically its causes.

Learn more about how HVLS Fans can help reduce heat stress.

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