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Unmatched Safety

Designed to secure virtually any trailer type to the loading dock, the Global Wheel-Lok is the most simple and effective solution to help prevent early departure and trailer creep accidents at the loading dock. With a pullout force resistance higher than 142 kN the High Locking Arm for the Global Wheel-Lok surfaced mounted truck restraint is Europe’s only restraint to exceed the requirements for a FEM* class 3 vehicle restraint on empty AND full trailers, no matter the size of the tires.

How the Global Wheel-Lok Works

Features and Benefits: 

Safety protection against aggressive pullouts.

Versatile design

  • Services the widest variety of trailers including liftgates, standard over the road with or without rear impact guards (RIGs) and intermodal container chassis 
  • 1140-4600mm engagement range
  • Automatic Tire Sizing: sizes the tire ranging from 700-1200mm in diameter to help provide maximum restraint 
  • 510mm high locking arm secures virtually any trailer with a 700-1200mm tire diameter 
  • 380mm lower locking arm version (optional) for smaller vehicles available

Full-time communication

  • Interior and exterior LED lights (flashing red and green traffic lights) with audible alarms constantly communicate restraint engagement status to interior for exterior personnel
  • Interior and exterior warning signs communicate processes and procedures 

Reliable, low maintenance

  • Simple, reliable electro-mechanical design is surface mounted for easy installation with minimal maintenance
  • Performs safely in all weather conditions
  • Manual Release option unlocks the system in the event of a power failure 

Enhances seal effectiveness

  • Two wheel guides ensure on-centre trailer positioning to protect building wall and enhance dock seal or shelter effectiveness

Security System Interface

  • Wheel-Lok vehicle restraints can physically enhance security at a facility when linked with an active building security system

Application based options available

  • Override Plate (optional): minimizes the tilting movement of the truck when driving over the locking arm
  • Aluminum Override Plate for smaller vehicles (optional): allows smaller vehicles (up to 3.5t) to override the trigger device without activating the locking arm 
  • Mud Flap Protection Ramp (optional): designed to service trucks with mud flaps safely and efficiently








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