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Choosing The Right Fan

Choose the right HVLS fan to maximize airflow

When placing a Rite-Hite high volume, low speed HVLS fan, larger diameter fans will move air further down rack aisles and over some obstructions. Smaller diameter fans can be most effective in specific work or activity areas or where installation space is limited. Each Rite-Hite HVLS fan has minimum overhead clearance requirements based on the fan’s diameter. The smaller the fan diameter, the closer it can be mounted to the ceiling.

Use large ceiling fans to minimize airflow obstructions and provide the greatest cooling effect to the most people. When possible, keep blade tips at least two fan blade lengths from walls and solid obstructions. Center the fan in a light or sprinkler grid when possible.

HVLS fans with direct drive motors are nearly silent when they are operating and, since there are no gears, operate without oil. These fans are ideal for environments with sound concerns or sensitive environments that cannot have any oil introduced.

The information below is meant to help you select the right fan for your needs. However, the best way to evaluate which HVLS fan is the ideal fit for your situation is by trying one out in your facility. Contact your local Rite-Hite representative to analyze your specific application, and be sure to ask about Rite-Hite’s exclusive trial installation program.

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