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Dock Seals & Shelters

 Dock Shelters | RainGuard Header Seal

If you think about it, each loading dock door opening represents a giant hole in the wall of your facility. Strung together, these dock openings present an enormous opportunity for bad things to enter your facility – think bugs, dust, wind, rain and rodents – and good things, like expensive heating and cooling energy, to escape.

Weather-related product damage and contamination, employee comfort and safety, facility hygiene and cleanliness, air quality, maintenance of product quality characteristics and passing inspections are all concerns related to protecting and controlling the environment at the loading dock. Anything a company can do to seal up these holes in the wall, ensuring a complete seal at every dock door, can have an immediate positive effect. Fortunately, highly effective dock sealing products from Rite-Hite exist that can be designed and installed quickly to make sure docks are sealed up tight and your people, products, processes and profits are protected.

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