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Dock Light Communication System

The Light Communication System is a unique, low-cost way to improve communication between truck drivers and your dock personnel. The simple red and green lights - instantly understood as "stop" and "go" - provide clear signals to dock workers inside and truck drivers outside, so your dock can operate more safely and efficiently.

  • 12 1/8" (308 mm) high x 6 3/16" (157 mm) wide x 2" (50 mm) deep (light cover projects3 5/8" (143 mm))
  • Clearly visible green and red lights
  • Black polypropylene housing
  • Two 12-volt automotive bulbs
  • Inside toggle switch manually changes lights between green and red
  • Middle switch position provides “red-red” safety condition
  • One inside and two outside caution signs
  • UL Listed

Optional LED Package

  • Extended bulb life 
  • Lower maintenance cost 

  • Cooler burning light system 
  • Less AMP draw

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