The XL3 Fan FM

The XL3 Fan FM breaks the rules and is designed to make difficult applications easy.

Installation flexibility:

  • Unique and confined spaces.
  • Overhead obstructions or limited ceiling access.
  • Reduced mechanical and electrical installation costs.
  • Pre-wired plug it in and turn it on!
  • AC motor uses 100 to 800 watts, costing just cents per hour to operate.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 20-30 %.


  • Adapts when plant configurations change.
  • Adjustable in height (from 3050 mm to 4575 mm) to accommodate the application.

Easy height adjustment:

  • Column adjusts from 3050 mm to 4575 mm in 75 mm increments.
  • For best results, raise as high as possible, while maintaining the blade/ ceiling clearance.
  • Screw drive and gear move the post (100 mm x 100 mm) up and down for simple adjustments
  • Bolts secure the height setting.

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