Manual Wheel-Lok Truck Restraint

Manual Wheel-Lok Truck Restraint

The Manual Wheel-Lok provides simple operation and full-time, clear communication in a cost-effective, versatile design. The Manual Wheel-Lok also safely secures a variety of trailer types, such as lift gate trailers and trailers with damaged or missing rear impact guards.

It is easily positioned with minimal force and utilizes a 19 inch high barrier that resists in excess of 32,000 pounds of pullout force. In addition, wheel guides provide on-center trailer positioning and ensure dock seal effectiveness. The driver’s side wheel guide is optional. 

The versatile Manual Wheel-Lok uses few moving parts for maximum reliability and virtually no maintenance. Its rugged design withstands all weather conditions and offers an optional cold weather package that includes a snow pole and slush guard for easy snow removal.


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