SCH Heavy-Duty Sliding Curtain Walls

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SCH Heavy-Duty Sliding Curtain Walls

Heavy-duty Zoneworks® Sliding Curtain Walls quickly and cost-effectively adapt large spaces for your changing business needs.

  • Divide warehouse space effectively without constructing costly permanent walls.
  • Make interior or exterior storage area.
  • Stop the influx of outside air and humidity from reaching workers when loading dock doors are opened.
  • Adapt space accordingly as you move or change your manufacturing processes or operations.
  • Create privacy around your product or processes.

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Sliding Curtain Wall Construction

SCH Curtain Walls are made of 18-ounce vinyl fabric, which is fire retardant and meets NFPA-701 and CFM flame resistant standards. Galvanized vertical control staffs, with 5/8” drop pins and floor sockets, in sliding curtain walls add stability in high winds.

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