InsulRite 7000 Industrial Door

InsulRite 7000 Industrial Door

Outstanding Insulation and Energy Saving

Two layer zinc-aluminum galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.4mm. Polyurethane is continuous foamed-in-place between the inner and outer steel skins to form a homogenous sandwich of steel/polyurethane/steel. High insulation increases energy efficiency.

Multiple Safety Features

Designed with safety principles and pass rigid safety tests. Equipped with anti-clamping-hand panel joints, anti-cable-broken system, anti-spring-broken system and optional safety bottom. Protect operators at best.

Exceptional Sealing

Polyurethane foam inside to provide best insulation. Seals between sections, at top, bottom and sides prevent infiltration of air and water to keep the area clean and energy cost down.

Heavy-duty Hardwares, Easy Maintenance

Heavy-duty hardwares, galvanized balance spring-duty hardwares, galvanized balance spring with pre-stress process. High strength, reliable and durable. Unique ‘C’ roller bracket and nylon roller. Easy maintenance.


Various lift configurations to meet different application requirement. Optional vision window and motorized operation.

12-month Warranty Guarantee

Rite-Hite warrants all components to be free of defects in material and workman ship, under normal use, for a one-year period in accordance with Rite-Hite’s Standard Warranty Policy.

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