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    TZ Insulated Curtain Walls

    Insulated Curtain Walls provide you with an adaptable way to contain heat, control humidity, or separate and partition off temperature-controlled areas. Our insulated walls are easy to fit, install and reconfigure to match your changing facility use or operational needs – with no wall demolition.

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    Loading Dock Curtain Enclosures

    Zoneworks® TZD Loading Dock Enclosures create a durable, affordable and effective solution to surround interior and open loading docks.

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    SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls

    Trust Zoneworks® Acoustic Curtain Walls to partition off separate sound zones anywhere, protecting employee hearing, and enhancing worker comfort.

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    SCL Fabric Curtain Walls

    Custom designed SCL Fabric Curtain Walls from Rite-Hite are an affordable way to reconfigure your plant or warehouse into smaller, separate zones.

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    SCH Heavy-Duty Sliding Curtain Walls

    Heavy-duty Zoneworks® SCH Sliding Curtain Walls quickly and cost-effectively adapt large spaces for changing environmental zoning needs. With adaptable SCH Sliding Curtain Walls you can maintain environmental control in plant, warehouse or loading dock areas. Our heavy-duty walls require minimal investment and little space.

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    SCW Wash-Down Curtain Walls

    SCW Wash-down Curtain Walls let you streamline and increase production while achieving cleanliness requirements.

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    BZH Blast Freezer Curtains

    Food manufacturers and distributors need to quickly bring foods to an optimal temperature to maintain their freshness, safety and integrity. Zoneworks Blast Freezer Curtains effectively seal and redirect the chamber’s airflow, increasing efficiency, reducing blast cycle times, and lowering energy consumption.

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    Insulated Pallet Covers

    Pallet temperature control made simple with Zoneworks® Pallet Covers. Each maintains hot and cold product temperatures throughout your supply chain.

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    Insulated Door Blanket

    The Insulated Door Blanket from Rite-Hite provides a quick and affordable way to protect temperature-controlled items and finished products from the threat of spoilage or irreparable damage that occurs when powered doors on coolers or freezers unexpectedly shut down for any reason.

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    Insulated Compactor Enclosure

    The Zoneworks Compactor Enclosure provides an environmental control solution for trash compactors and dumpsters.

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Industrial Curtain Walls

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Zoneworks® Industrial Curtain Walls are the key to avoiding a permanent mistake. Traditional rigid walls lock you into a layout and make future changes timely and costly. They are constructed in an adaptable, modular design that allows you to partition spaces quickly and affordably. This flexible design gives you the ability to easily reconfigure, relocate, or remove them as your facility needs change.

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Industrial curtain walls can be used for temperature separation, humidity or heat control, noise reduction, dust and fume containment, wash down situations, or for other special applications. To find out exactly which curtain wall fits your specific needs, take a quick look at the product comparison chart below.

Industrial curtain wall product comparison

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