Loading Dock Safety is a Growing Focus for India

When we talk about industrial accidents in India, the foremost thought in our minds is usually centered around an explosion caused by a hazardous gas leak or a fire. However, the fact is according to data, of the 6,300 lives claimed in industrial accidents across India between 2014 and 2017, 611 deaths were reported due to general industrial accidents and 1,524 deaths while operating machinery .

Forklift related injuries and deaths in particular largely remain unreported, though as per unofficial record, the data is alarming. Most of these accidents can be prevented. They occur due to lack of sufficiently trained operators and cutting corners on quality safety equipment in industrial warehouses and facilities.

The loss of human lives goes far beyond the loss of capital, it includes drop in productivity, low worker morale and loyalty and questions are raised on brand reputation and credibility.

Rite-Hite develops, manufactures, sells and services loading dock safety systems, industrial door solutions and in-plant products. These products are used by companies large and small to help improve safety, security and productivity in their facilities and warehouses.

Conforming to the highest quality standards for maximum safety, Rite-Hite provides an all-around holistic approach towards helping enhance productivity, efficiency, energy savings, low operating costs, risk free and comfortable working environment and ensuring every life matters.

Here are the two kinds of major accidents that are widely prevalent in Indian industries:

  • Trailer Creep, also known as dock walk, is the repeated impact from lift trucks going back and forth, that causes the trailer to edge (“creep”) away from the loading dock. Regular wheel chocks can slip, get misplaced, can be pushed or pulled out of the way, and require a human to put them in place.
  • Early Departure or aggressive pull-out is when a truck driver mistakenly drives away, allowing a lift truck to enter or exit or potentially still be inside the trailer.

Here’s how Rite-Hite products work towards eliminating these fatal accidents;

  • Dok-Lok vehicle restraints are designed to secure a semi-trailer to a loading dock by engaging the trailer's rear impact guard (RIG). Rite-Hite representatives are trained to assess every situation and application and can recommend the restraint that best meets the needs.
  • Dok-Guardian is an easy-to-use safety solution for almost any loading dock and can stop an impact of up to 13,636Kgs. It helps prevent fork trucks, pallet jacks, and pedestrians from a dangerous 4-foot drop off at the loading dock that can result in serious injuries that are sometimes fatal. It serves as a highly visible warning sign with 44" high bright red PVC-coated fiberglass mesh curtain with three bright yellow heavy-duty restraint straps
  • The Global Wheel-Lok (GWL) or trailer wheel lock restraint automatically engages the trailer's rear tire with a 508mm barrier to provide safe engagement of virtually all trailer types. The GWL addresses the problem of lack of uniformity of size and design of trucks in India which complicates the loading process at the loading dock resulting in human intervention and thus increase in man hours and risk of injuries or loss of life. Its versatile design, seal effectiveness, reliability and low maintenance makes it the best solution for wheel restraints.

Rite-Hite Can Help Improve Your Loading Dock Safety in India

Innovation and technology form the bedrock of Rite-Hite’s operations worldwide, be it for the safety of your people and machinery or energy efficiency that contributes to lowering bills and employee comfort and productivity, because Rite-Hite is ‘Always Looking Ahead.’

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