3 Examples of Using Curtain Walls for Noise Control

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Best Practices for Fall Protection

8 . 25 . 2015

Elevated work areas, such as pick modules and mezzanines, are increasingly common in industrial and chemical facilities across the U.S. In order to provide the necessary safety for employees and to protect products, facility managers contemplating the addition of elevated workspaces must take OSHA-mandated safety regulations – and should take ANSI best practices guidelines – into consideration when designing and outfitting these areas.

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Improving Industrial Environments with HVLS Fans

7 . 1 . 2015

Distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other large, open warehouse environments face a host of unique design and maintenance challenges. These challenges include energy costs, temperature control, air quality and employee safety/comfort issues. In an effort to mitigate these challenges, more and more facilities are installing high volume, low speed fans as a complement to their HVAC system.

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