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    Stabilizing Trailer Restraint

    As part of the Smooth Transition Dok System, this exclusive vehicle restraint stabilizes trailers to help prevent both horizontal and vertical movement. By securely engaging the trailer’s rear impact guard and stabilizing the rear of the trailer, the Stabilizing Trailer Restraint offers the ultimate level of safety.

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    Shadow Hook Restraint

    With an exclusive, two-point entrapment hook design and more than three decades of proven equipment performance, Dok-Lok Shadow Hook Restraints offer the highest level of safety and security at the loading dock.

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    Vertical Barriers

    The Vertical Barrier Dok-Lok Vehicle restraint series addresses two trailer separation accidents: early departure and trailer creep.

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    Wheel-Lok restraints service a variety of trailer types, including trailers with hydraulic lift gates, drop frame trailers and trailers without an effective rear impact guard.

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    Rite-Vu Light Communication System

    The Rite-Vu visual communication system provides full-time visual communication at the loading dock. Keeping personnel safe increasing productivity. The system consists of two separate products: Corner-Vu and Leveler-Vu.

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Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraints

Rite-Hite pioneered the vehicle restraint industry by introducing the Dok-Lok® in 1980. Rite-Hite has continued to evolve Dok-Lok truck restraints to meet the changes and challenges of the industry, including trailer design, loading dock design and regulatory compliance.

Rite-Hite Dok-Loks, also referred to as truck restraints, trailer restraints or dock locks, are known world-wide for:

  • Exclusive Dok-Lok safety features, which address more types of trailer/dock separation than any other restraints.
  • Exclusive light communication system that provides FULL-TIME communication of the Dok-Lok status to the forklift driver at the loading dock and while inside the trailer.
  • Superior quality resulting from unique design characteristics, the highest construction standards and years of research and development.
  • Proven long-term reliability confirmed by an extensive list of satisfied repeat customers.

Rite-Hite Vehicle restraints are designed to provide the highest level of safety based on your application. Dok-Loks are the only truck restraints in the industry that provide full-time communication of the lock’s engagement status to the forklift driver.

Know Your Risks

1. Early departure: a truck driver mistakenly drives away while a lift truck is entering, leaving, or inside the trailer.

2. Trailer creep: a trailer can move substantially under the weight of a forklift entering and exiting a trailer.

3. Landing gear collapse: weak or damaged landing gear gives way and the trailer pitches forward or falls to the side.

4. Trailer pop-up: the weight of a forklift sends the rear of the trailer forward and down, causing the nose to rise.

5. Trailer upending: the weight of a lift truck sends the trailer’s nose down, causing the rear end to move up and away from the building.

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