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    The fan that started the HVLS revolution.

    Rite-Hite’s original HVLS fan, and today’s standard for low cost, high-efficiency climate control, delivering the most air movement of any HVLS fan on the market. 

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    The Rogue, a cost-effective alternative.

    The Rogue™ is Rite-Hite’s original two-blade HVLS fan and sets the standard for low-cost, energy efficient climate control. It’s ideal for large facilities with high ceilings where destratification is the primary objective.

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    The Rave fan delivers HVLS comfort to smaller spaces.

    The Rave™ is a four-blade HVLS fan that is perfect for smaller spaces and where aesthetics are important. 

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    The Renegade industrial fan stands apart from all other HVLS fans.

    If you have limited ceiling space in your facility, or overhead obstructions that prevent you from installing a ceiling fan or make occasional changes to the configuration of your plant or facility, then you have to go Renegade™. 

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    Fan Commander

    The optional Fan Commander is a touch screen control station that allows for operation of up to 18 Rite-Hite HVLS fans from one location. 

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The high volume, low speed HVLS fan is designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively.

Rotating at an optimized low speed, a Rite-Hite high volume, low speed (HVLS) industrial fan moves the most air over the largest area at the lowest cost. HVLS fans slowly circulate a large amount of air. Air is pulled from above the fan and pushed down in a conical shape to the floor below. These fans are now being used in warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, and a variety of other applications.

HVLS fans have benefits year-round.  They keep people cool in the summer and in the winter can be used for de-stratification, a process that mixes warm air from the ceiling with cooler air at the floor.  Creating a more comfortable environment while saving on energy costs.

With the Fan-Commander Touch Screen Control Station, users can optimize the year-round performance of Rite-Hite HVLS fans throughout a single facility, maximizing the energy savings and comfort they deliver.

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