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VBR-300 Vertical Barrier Restraint VBR-300 Vertical Barrier Restraint
Manual operation Manual operation
VBR-300 vertical barrier VBR-300 vertical barrier
VBR-300 Vertical Barrier Vehicle Restraint VBR-300 Vertical
Barrier Vehicle Restraint
VBR-300 Vertical Barrier Restraint Manual operation VBR-300 vertical barrier VBR-300 Vertical Barrier Vehicle Restraint

VBR-300 Vertical Barrier Restraint

The VBR-300 Dok-Lok Vehicle restraint is a ground stored, vertical barrier restraint that addresses accidents caused by the basic types of trailer separation.


VBR-300 Features and Benefits

  • Addresses basic causes of trailer separation - trailer creep/dock walk and early departure.
  • Full-time communication of the Dok-Lok control box when entering and exiting the trailer is provided with Corner-Vu and Leveler-Vu.
  • Provides safe, constant contact using mechanical springs that provide superior upward force and constant tension against rear impact guard. Unit maintains consistent engagement as trailer bed height fluctuates during loading and unloading, especially with air-ride trailers.
  • Services a wide variety of trailers with low-profile unit that has 10" stored height to accommodate declined approaches and most rear impact guard heights.
  • Dependable hydraulic operation uses 4-1/4" high angled, vertical barrier that is hydraulically powered into position, securely holding trailer's rear impact guard.
  • Requires virtually no maintenance, only periodic inspections of unit and semi-annual visual fluid level inspections - no adjustments required
  • Universal controls utilize easily understandable graphics.
  • 12-month money-back satisfaction guarantee standard with all Rite-Hite products.
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  • ALP and manual models available.
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