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FasTrax FR Cold Storage Doors FasTrax FR Cold Storage Doors
Barrier Glider Cold Storage Door Barrier Glider Cold Storage Door
Iso-Tek Cold Storage Door Iso-Tek Cold Storage Door
FasTrax FR Cold Storage Doors Barrier Glider Cold Storage Door Iso-Tek Cold Storage Door

Cold Storage Doors - Cooler Doors & Freezer Doors

FasTrax FR Cooler Doors & Freezer Doors
An industry first, the unique Thermal Air System and InsulMax curtain combines an R-4 curtain with a thermal air seal, making the FasTrax FR High Speed-High Performance Door the energy-efficient way to handle your toughest cooler door and freezer door applications. There is no need to use energy guzzling heat lamps to keep the curtain clear of ice and frost.

Barrier Glider Cooler Doors & Freezer Doors
Innovative new cold storage door combines fast operation and a superior seal designed for your specific application requirements. The Barrier Glider Door features a flexible, impactable Iso-Tek panel design.

Iso-Tek Door System
If your application requires high-speed, high-cycle operation, a tight seal, insulated panels and impactability, the Iso-Tek Door System is your best choice. It's the ONE SOLUTION that combines all the benefits you need in a cold storage door Energy cost savings of up to $24,000 are possible.


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