Revolution HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans

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Industrial Ceiling Fans - Revolution Fans From Rite-Hite

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High-Volume/Low-Speed fans meet the tough challenges of large building environments. Revolution HVLS fans circulate huge quantities of air at just the right speed to produce uniform, non-disruptive airflow.

Keeping people comfortable in a large facility has always been difficult. Traditional, yet ineffective, methods of heating and cooling lead to escalated energy costs. Industrial floor fans and standard ceiling fans just don't cut it.

Rite-Hite's innovative Revolution fans move air more efficiently and affordably. Our high volume low speed fans drive down energy costs to a level you can be comfortable with, while creating a working environment that employees are comfortable with too.

The new Revolution fans feature a unique Propell-Air blade design that moves air more consistently and effectively across the entire length of the blade, down and out to every corner of your facility floor. Where needed this also helps keep floors and materials drier.

The Revolution's exclusive design includes moment-balanced blades and resilient, vibration-absorbing material to reduce stress and increase the life of your fan.

Our extruded and precision milled hub provides a solid structure and unparalleled strength, performance, and safety, one revolution after another. Steel mounting brackets and heavy-duty hardware provide a secure system that keeps the Revolution fan balanced and operating safely.

Available in 8', 12', 16', 20' and 24' diameters, the Revolution fan can be installed with a custom logo or painted to match your facility.

A fully-enclosed control box and easy-to-use panel ensures clear and simple fan operation.
Backed by the strongest representative network and warranties in the HV/LS industry, the Revolution fan will pay for itself in as little as 6 months through lower energy costs.
Install your new Revolution fan from Rite-Hite and start realizing the benefits today.
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Industrial Ceiling Fans - Revolution Fans From Rite-Hite
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