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    Automatic Barrier Doors

    Industrial safety doors designed to restrict access to dangerous robot/machine movement while containing the process and offering greater protection for the machine operator.

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    Automated Curtains

    Automated Curtains including the PowerShield and Slide-Air protect personnel from secondary hazards associated with your manufacturing processes.

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    Retractable Curtains and Screens

    Our retractable industrial curtains including the Roll-Shield, Side-To-Side and X-Ten provide protection in areas where other conventional industrial screens fall short. Our heavy-duty construction and multiple material choices are designed to stand up to the harshest of manufacturing environments.

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    Safety Fencing

    Safety Fencing solutions include general machine perimeter guarding, wire mesh perimeter guards for welding areas, welded wire enclosures on the plant floor, wire mesh partitions for storage, robot safety fencing, welded wire mesh enclosures and conveyor perimeter guarding.

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    Fume Extraction Systems

    Rite-Hite offers complete packaged welding fume and smoke hoods as well as ambient fume ventilation for industrial air filtration. A three stage filter system includes the baffle filter, 4" pleated filter Merv and a 95% multi-pocket main bag filter Merv.

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Machine Guarding Systems

"Non-Existent or Inadequately Guarded Machines" is one of OSHA''s top 10 citations. That's why we developed a tough, tested line of commercial and industrial machine guarding products, to protect people from potential hazards near operating machinery and robots.

By creating a physical barrier, or by completely enclosing the hazard, our machine guarding products can minimize physical dangers such as weld flash, flying debris and moving machinery parts. In addition, we offer different types of machine guards that reduce extreme noise levels and extract deadly fumes from the air.

But it's not enough to simply provide a physical barrier. Our machine guarding products are engineered to provide easy access and withstand industrial-strength use while still offering full-time protection. All undergo an in-depth five-phase engineering process to guarantee their quality, durability and safety, prior to being introduced to the marketplace. Plus, Rite-Hite Machine Guarding products comply with ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 Robot Safety Standards and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z434-03 Industrial Robots and Robot Systems General Safety Requirements.

Find the answers to your questions with the Machine Guarding FAQ.

OEM MACHINE BUILDERS and ROBOTIC INTEGRATORS please call 866-852-1500 to contact our Regional Sales Office.

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