Uni-Dox™ Inflatable

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Uni-Dox™ Inflatable

Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelters provide the most versatile seal available to service the widest variety of truck and trailer configurations.


  • Unique design virtually eliminates wear and tear since Uni-Dox inflates after the truck is docked and deflates rapidly before the truck leaves.
  • Counter-balanced system retracts bags behind storage curtains which protect the components for long service life.
  • Raked Header provides drainage when shelter is not covered by a canopy or hood.
  • EasyFlex head curtain inflates to form an effective seal on virtually any truck height.

Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelters are most appropriate when:

  • Guide stripes aid in accurate truck placement.
  • Steel bumpers support side frames and protect them from misguided trailers.
  • High quality, durable fabric stands up to wear and weather.
  • Full width and height access to the rear of the trailer is required.
  • Servicing a wide variety of trailer sizes including trailers with tailgate extensions.
  • There are yard jockeys, truck levelers or trailers that have hydraulic rear tandems.
  • Strong building negative pressure is present.

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