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    Getting a good fit around all sides of the trailers that come to a loading dock can be a big challenge – until now. In a single piece of equipment, the Eclipse dock shelter provides a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top, and at the corners.

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    Eclipse NH

    The Eclipse NH Shelter is designed to provide the tightest seal possible at docks that serve liftgate trailers or require the opening of trailer doors inside the building for security purposes.

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    A full access dock shelter that also provides high sealing efficiency. The exclusive GapMaster Dock Shelter can save hundreds of dollars per year per dock position by preventing energy loss through exposed trailer door hinge gaps.

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    The fully impactable Eliminator Dock Shelter is loaded with advantages that make it the industry's most popular soft-sided dock shelter. The Eliminator offers full-access sealing plus the ultimate in long-term durability.

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    The ComboShelter impactable dock shelter offers the ultimate solution to the unique challenges associated with sealing a variety of trailer traffic that includes trailers with liftgates and other rear extensions.

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    The impactable Survivor Dock Shelter can help you prevent the steep repair and replacement costs associated with ordinary, rigid-frame dock shelters. Thanks to rugged Neotec™ HMWPE side frame technology, Survivor shelters can withstand hits from off-center trailers.

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    WG-410 Rigid Frame

    Built with Rite-Hite's signature quality, the WG-410 Dock Shelter provides both a form-fitting perimeter seal for the top and sides of docked trailers, and full, unobstructed access to loads for efficient material handling.

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    Uni-Dox Inflatable

    Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelters provide the most versatile seal available to service the widest variety of truck and trailer configurations.

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    The Rail-Dox Shelter creates a seal that reduces heating and cooling loss and protects freight, equipment, and employees from inclement weather, dirt, and debris.

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Dock Shelters

Dock shelter models vary primarily on their levels of impactability (ability to withstand hits from off-center trailers) and their degree of sealing efficiency. All shelters are available in a variety of fabrics, including our exclusive Durathon™ high-strength, friction resistant fabric.

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