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    Insulator™ Dock Seal

    Rite-Hite’s most durable dock seal for the longest life at high-traffic docks, those where dock seals are frequently damaged, and for applications where reduction of daylight is critical.

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    TP Series Dock Seal

    Rite-Hite TP Dock Seals are constructed with durable foam side pads that are compressed by an incoming truck and provide the tightest seal possible between the truck and the loading dock.

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    FDS Series Dock Seal

    Built with Rite-Hite's signature quality, the FDS Series Dock Seal provides a tight seal for high energy efficiency.

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    L-Pad™ Dock Seal

    Rite-Hite L-Pad™ Dock Seals are constructed with durable L-shaped foam side pads that flex against the sides of a truck as it backs in, creating an effective seal without causing foam to protrude into the trailer and obstruct access to loads.

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Dock Seals

Dock seal models vary based on their construction, durability and performance features. Seals are available with head pads or head curtains and in a variety of fabrics, including our Durathon™ exclusive high-strength, friction resistant fabric.

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