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    Loading Dock Safety Barriers

    Vacant loading dock doors are a danger zone inside any facility. Accidents at these 4' drop-offs can result in serious injury and are sometimes fatal.

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    In-Plant Safety Barriers

    Your plant can be a dangerous place. When it comes to protection, a yellow line painted on the floor just doesn’t cut it. A common alternative is steel posts and fixed guardrail systems, which do an excellent job of separating common areas from dangerous ones.

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    Mezzanine/Elevated Platform Barriers

    As companies look to maximize existing space within their facilities, many are turning to mezzanines, elevated work platforms, or multi-level racking systems to create additional storage space or work areas for employees.

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Barrier Safety System Solutions

Loading Dock Safety Barriers & Other Gate Applications will help with OSHA fall protection regulations and prevent accidents at your loading dock and other areas throughout your facility. Vacant loading docks create a dangerous drop-off for employees and material handling equipment. When doors are left open to help improve air movement in facilities, it can create an even more precarious condition. Chains or cones are not effective visual or physical barriers.

In-Plant Separation and Protection helps separate and define work areas, walkways and interior loading docks. Traditionally, this has been accomplished with painted yellow lines on the floor. While painted lines are low cost and easy to change, they offer limited visibility and benefit.

You’ll also find products that help with the following:

  • Barrier Safety System Solutions that require frequent access.
  • Barrier Safety System Solutions that do not require frequent access.

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