Custom-Designed & Standard Mezzanines

Custom-Designed & Standard Mezzanines

Increase your storage space and maximize the cubic area of your facility, saving money in lease costs and new construction expenses. A mezzanine is the most cost-effective way to transform unused square footage into productive space.

Arbon can customize a mezzanine to the exact area, height, load, and color requirements you desire and ensure it is totally integrated with your dock layout and equipment.

Mezzanine Options

Custom-Designed Mezzanines

  • Customized to fit your exact area, height, load, and color requirements.
  • Integration with in-plant office, lift, rack, etc.
  • Maximize your existing facility "cube".
  • Create more "square footage" without expanding the size of your facility.
  • Eliminate the need for leased space.
  • Save new construction costs.

Standard Mezzanines

  • Several styles to choose from.
  • Turn-key projects...from on-site measurements, consultation, and design through installation.
  • Spans up to 40 feet.
  • PE stamped by a licensed engineer for structural safety.
  • Save energy costs.
  • Save land acquisition costs.
  • Expandable for future growth.
  • Accommodates lighting, sprinklers, HVAC ducts, computer, and electrical conduit.
  • Comply with building codes and Seismic Zone requirements.

Arbon has the expertise to help you maximize your space, which ultimately saves you money. In addition to our mezzanines, we offer modular offices that can turn unused space into the extra storage or conference room you need. We also are happy to help you design your space, whether it’s existing square footage or new construction.

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