Seals and Shelters

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Eclipse Dock Shelter Eclipse Dock Shelter
Insulator Dock Seal Insulator Dock Seal
Eclipse Dock Shelter Insulator Dock Seal

Seals and Shelters

Rite-Hite is the world leader in dock seals and shelters. Our products offer the superior quality you expect while featuring our innovative and exclusive designs that solve the problems others cannot.


Choosing the Right Seal or Shelter for Your Needs
Choosing the right dock seal or shelter is the key to solving your environmental control needs. But there are no "off-the-shelf" solutions. Your situation is unique. Learn more about the factors you should consider when deciding which seal or shelter is right for you.


Dock Seals
Rite-Hite dock seals provide a tight compression seal around the trailer top and sides for the highest sealing efficiency. As with all foam dock seals, access to loads on the trailer can be restricted by foam protrusion into the trailer opening. Seals also typically fit smaller door openings up to 9’x10‘ and incoming truck sizes that are relatively consistent.


Dock Shelters
Rite-Hite loading dock shelters give full, unobstructed access to loads on trailers, but usually provide lower sealing efficiencies than a seal.* Shelters are able to handle a large variety of incoming trucks including those with tailgates or other extensions and are appropriate for facilities with larger door openings up to 10’x10’.

*The Eclipse™ Dock Shelter offers the sealing efficiency of a foam dock seal and the full access benefit of a dock shelter. Learn More


Under-leveler Seals
Rite-Hite Under-leveler Seals complete the fourth side of the environmental control seal by sealing the dock leveler pit. Optional components can be added to seal additional air gaps at the corners of the leveler and leveler lip.


Trailer-top Seal
The RainGuard® RG-3000 provides the tightest available seal across the top of a trailer to minimize the amount of water, wind, or dust able to enter a facility.


Rite-Hite offers both metal and fabric hoods that help to protect your dock seal headers from the build-up of heavy rains, snow, or ice.


Rite-Hite has many great ways for you to enhance your products.

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