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Steel Floating Cap Bumper

Rite-Hite's Steel Floating Capped bumper design withstands the impact and abuse from trailer after trailer, year after year.  

Spring Steel Bumper

Use in dock areas where excessive friction occurs. 

Adjustable Dock Bumper

This dock bumper will automatically adjust in height and will follow the vertical trailer movement during the loading and unloading operation.

Molded Dock Bumper

Manufactured from reinforced prime rubber, use for light-duty applications.

Extra Length Bumpers

Reinforced rubber pads, with 100 mm or 150 mm projection. Available upon request.

Extra Thick Bumpers

Use where dock seals are extra thick or where greater thickness is needed due to decline approach, overhangs or other architectural features. 

Made with reinforced rubber pads.

Available in 230 mm, 255 mm or 305 mm projections in the following sizes: 305 mm x 305 mm | 305 mm x 355 mm | 305 mm x 460 mm | 305 mm x 610 mm | 305 mm x 915 mm | 510 mm x 280 mm and 610 mm x 280 mm.

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