The XL3 Fan SP

The XL3 Fan SP

The XL3 Fan SP combines "Style and Performance".

The XL3 Fan SP is designed for smaller spaces with public where look and feel are important considerations.

The twisted polished aluminium blades create a distinct appearance.

The recommended installation height ranges from 3050 mm to 9150 mm. XL3 Fans SP are available with 3 diameters: 2440 mm, 3050 mm and 3660 mm.

Depending on the diameter and selected operating speed (from 13-120 r/min), they can move air volumes up to 169920 m³/h.

A single XL3 SP can cover a radius of more than 15 m from the centre of the fan in all directions.

The benefits of the Rite-Hite Fans-Formula will work in any application. In building spaces with a ceiling height of up to 9 m, the choice between a XL3 HV or XL3 SP also depends on your taste.

Visionary Blade Design:

  • A Contemporary aluminum polished blade design with Vortex Tips combines style with performance (picture 1).
  • The stylish design ensures a silent operation and a very comfortable air movement at body height (picture 3).
  • Ideally suited for the upgrading of existing buildings.
  • Optimum supplement to existing HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems).
  • Custom colors are available upon request.

Sophisticated hub design:

  • Extruded, precision-milled aluminum hub and bolt (picture 4).
  • Vibration-reducing material reduces stress to hub by 50% to 75%.
  • Sophisticated rotationally-balanced hub to blade connection, a design with a 40-year track record in harsh conditions world-wide.
  • The blades are seated in a secure position on hub arm, locked with a bolt that is tightened to 102 Nm.

Safety Features:

  • Three-way motor-to-hub safety connection (picture 2 and 4):
  • Hub attaches to the motor with reverse threaded bolt and a tapered bushing.
  • The safety ring provides a back-up motor to hub clevis safety connection.
  • Each hub clevis is connected to the central hub with two bolts.

  • The beam clamp, drop tube, motor housing and safety steel cables offer the highest degree of operational safety.
  • Designed with safety, for over 10 times the force and stress generated by the XL3 SP.

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