Document Handling

When it comes to making a purchase, people tend to be impatient. Once an order has been placed, they're keen to get their stuff right away. If you handle parcel documents manually you are wasting precious time. Your customer's time! Automation enables parcel documents to be handled as part of your in-line shipping process.

Place parcel documents inside or outside of the package

Whether you need to send delivery notes, invoices, return labels or packing slips, automating the process means it takes less time. Parcel documents are printed individually and then placed inside a box, underneath stacked items or even folded and sealed in a document pouch automatically. No time is wasted.

Print & place prints the parcel documents correctly, then inserts them into the appropriate box. Instead of parcel documents, this could be a pick sheet — or a stack of leporello-folded labels — printed and placed into a tote.

Print & merge inserts the parcel documents beneath loose items as they travel along the belt. The weight of the items keeps the parcel documents firmly in place until the packaging unit has sealed the contents into a polybag.

Alternatively, up to five pages can be printed, folded and placed on top of the box by print & pouch, forming a neat pouch containing the parcel documents. This solution is very popular with businesses that ship to other businesses.

Not just effective, parcel documents are accurately matched

Changes to the order, e.g. out of stock items, can be noted on the paperwork the customer receives without manual intervention, as parcel documents are not printed until they are required. The system automatically verifies that the parcel documents match the parcel content. The match is validated again before the package or box is sealed.

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