PitMaster Under leveler Seal

PitMaster Under leveler Seal

A PitMaster under-leveler seal can help you save substantially on your energy costs. Without PitMaster, the front of a typical dock leveler pit is fully open to the outside environment. Open spaces allow airflow in and out of your facility, and heat is constantly transferred through the steel deck of the dock leveler.

Sealing the front of the leveler pit with PitMaster cuts energy loss in two ways. First, it closes open spaces that dock seals and shelters don’t seal, preventing the exchange of hot and cold air through your dock opening. Second, PitMaster helps prevent the transfer of heat through the leveler deck.

Testing has shown that in a heated facility, energy loss through a dock leveler from an unsealed pit can be substantial. In air-conditioned facilities or cooler dock applications, heat can also be transferred from the outside environment into your facility. Either way, you’re losing costly energy.

By securely enclosing the front of the leveler pit, PitMaster creates a pocket of “dead air” beneath the dock leveler, which acts as a thermal insulator to keep heating or cooling energy inside your facility. The result? Greater energy savings 24 hours a day, whether or not a trailer is parked at the dock.


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