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Caljan supports your business by improving your logistics process. We work to understand your specific challenge, and then we provide reliable, turn-key material handling solutions that enable you to increase capacity, reduce cost and cultivate a better work environment. Caljan solutions are used by major express parcel carriers. Other satisfied customers include retailers and similar businesses with distribution centers and/or warehouse facilities.

Your specific solution may include Telescopic conveyors, roller conveyors, powered curve conveyors, dimensioning, weighing & scanning equipment and labeling systems. All of these solutions are developed and produced by Caljan. Whatever your needs, you have just one interface with a reliable partner who is committed to finding the right solution.

Why Caljan:

Loose loaded and palletized cargo can be handled at the same loading dock.

Mobilize your telescopic conveyor to handle loose-loaded and palletized cargo at the same door. A telescopic belt conveyor lets one operator load/unload a container or truck rapidly, safely, and with less physical strain. When the task is finished, the conveyor can be moved easily away from the door to provide forklift access.

Moving up to 100 kg goods/meter, Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors will help you improve productivity by up to 50%. Extending some 65 ft., telescopic belt conveyors can be used for any type of loose-loaded cargo, including parcels, boxes, sacks and tires.

Designed for versatility and reliability.

Caljan telescopic conveyors are renowned for being versatile, safe and reliable. These robust machines are designed with a range of innovative features to ensure an optimal match for your application. The operator can be raised together with the conveyor on a platform, or an articulating conveyor can be added moving between the roof and floor – both take the strain out of moving heavy items at different heights. The comprehensive range of features naturally includes safety shields, parcel counting, integral data registration and labelling.

With a service contract, the uptime for a Caljan telescopic conveyor is typically more than 95%.

As part of Rite-Hite, Caljan is prepared to meet the needs of customers wherever they may be, with representatives throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Whatever your needs, you have just one interface with a reliable partner who is committed to finding the right solution.

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