Dok-Vu Dock Management Software


Get rid of the spreadsheets. Silence the radio noise. Ditch the yard checks.

Dok-Vu helps your team create a better experience with fewer headaches…from the loading docks to the trailer yard to the warehouse, there’s a way to get your logistics operations running smoothly with less clutter and less confusion. 

Save time and money.

Dock scheduling software helps to synchronize your loading dock and yard communication in real-time across approved devices.

Dok-Vu Dock Management Software
Empower your team to simplify with Dok-Vu®.
  • Streamline communication by reducing radio noise and paper spreadsheets.
  • Manage appointments – seamlessly entering several logistics appointments at the same time.
  • Control detention charges by tracking actual load times and, report easily retrievable proof to carriers.
  • Identify improvements through robust reporting and an easy drill-down interface.
  • Review activity and trend information to support practical, data-driven decisions.
  • Reduce employee frustration and wasted time with improved communication and, make it easier for employees to do their jobs.


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