The New Dok-Chat™ Software Creates Highly Efficient Logistics Communication for Shipping and Receiving Personnel

To help facilities comply with contactless protocols and social distancing requirements, Rite-Hite® recently introduced Dok-Chat Logistics Communication Software. The secure, cloud-based system minimizes face-to-face interactions while improving shipping and receiving efficiency with automated, real-time messaging between freight carriers and a facility’s logistics office.

By eliminating manual and paper-based processes, Dok-Chat software streamlines communication during carrier check-in, dock assignment, load completion and check-out. It allows shipping and receiving personnel to interact with multiple drivers instantly with the check-in process beginning and ending in the cab of the truck.

Dok-Chat protects privacy as it does not require users to download a new app, nor does it require logistics personnel to use personal phone numbers. It features an entirely contactless electronic check-in process, allowing drivers to check in and out from the cab of their truck, which makes it an ideal social distancing tool.

The Dok-Chat software can be used as standalone communication software or as a feature of Rite-Hite’s Dok-Vu® Dock and Yard Management Software for access to a more robust platform. This provides logistics personnel with the tools needed to:

  • Control traffic flow
  • Manage appointments
  • Monitor dwell times
  • Keep docks fully utilized

In turn, this can minimize labor costs and detention/demurrage charges while enhancing shipping accuracy. Dok-Vu provides full visibility into the loading dock and yard with at-a-glance status, check-in queues and load times. Enabling Dok-Chat as a feature of Dok-Vu allows logistics personnel to review current and historical trends, identify any loads going into detention, and uncover any other potential time- and money-saving improvements.

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