The Smart Dock Moves from Concept to Reality with Opti-Vu

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New Equipment Digest published an article about how IIoT-driven smart docks aren't just a concept we'll see in the future. They're here. Learn more about how Opti-Vu is more than just sensors and data...

Traditional methods of coordinating logistics operations like spreadsheets, two-way radios, and yard checks on foot provide limited and outdated information that can make communication difficult. These shortcomings often lead to frustrated customers and employees, slowed operations, and risks to a company’s workforce, reputation and bottom line.

Recently, paperless software solutions have been developed to bring an enhanced sense of clarity and order to logistics operations. Instead of using spreadsheets and radios, this new software allows everyone to communicate in real-time, bringing the long-awaited “smart dock” from concept to reality.

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