Smart Data & Analytics Brings Insight and Control

Smart Data & Analytics Bring Insight, Control in today’s busy warehouses and other industrial facilities, what might seem like small events can add up to big impacts on
efficiency, productivity and safety. A door activates, but no one goes through. A forklift collision is narrowly avoided at a busy intersection. A loading dock sits empty, while a full trailer waits to be unloaded. However, operational leaders haven’t had a way to see and manage events like these – until now. Rite-Hite (Milwaukee, WI) introduces Smart Data & Analytics, a platform that taps into the tremendous data collection capabilities of Rite-Hite products via a secure wireless network to help focus on moments that make a difference.
While other Smart Software Solutions offerings simply provide data collected by various sensors, Smart Data & Analytics helps distill the data into insights and actions. The platform delivers vital insights by applying analytics to correlate developing trends with historical data, helping to predict potential problems and proactively identify opportunities. This helps drive behavioral and process changes that not only solve existing challenges, but also support continuous improvement efforts. It also provides real-time alerts when something’s wrong, so that managers can take immediate action.

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