3 Tips for Saving Energy and Increasing Efficiency Inside Your Plant

3 Tips for Saving Energy and Increasing Efficiency Inside Your Plant

Facility managers are always looking to increase their production while decreasing their annual energy bills. However, doing both at once can be a daunting task. Since most loading docks are on the exterior of the building, and interface directly with potentially steamy (or frigid) outdoor environments, they are often the first areas targeted for energy efficiency upgrades. However, many interior sections of manufacturing facilities are also significant contributors to energy waste and decreased productivity.

3 Tips for Saving Energy and Increasing Efficiency Inside Your Plant

Use Faster-Acting Doors for Industrial or Cold Storage EnvironmentsRecent advances in door design have focused on improved bi-parting doors and insulated upward-acting doors. Advanced bi-parting door designs include high speeds to minimize door open time. Some doors can operate up to 100 inches per second, which is up to four times faster than old-style, rigid side-acting doors.

Easy-to-use Blast Freezer WallsA relatively new building technology - fabric curtain walls - have been adapted to provide a light, safe and affordable thermal barrier alternative for blast freezer cells. Blast freezer curtain walls are made of insulated, sliding panels nested in a tubular steel frame. Blast freezer curtains redirect the chamber's airflow, reducing blast cycle times and lowering energy consumption.
Add HVLS Fans for More BenefitsAs space dividers, curtain walls work particularly well when paired with HVLS fans. HVLS fans mix air more efficiently and require less energy than conventional fans, generating an air cycle that allows for a more consistent temperature from floor to ceiling. In addition to worker comfort, this will equate to significant energy savings. A single HVLS fan can reduce annual heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 to 30 per­cent, depending on the climate.

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