How HVLS Fans and Curtain Walls Improve Air Quality

One of the most difficult challenges managers face in the metalworking industry is controlling air contaminants produced from cutting, grinding and welding.  These contaminants can increase cleaning and maintenance costs, affect product quality, or even make employees sick.  So what could be the solution to these problems?

Two options for controlling air particulate exist in fabric curtain walls and HVLS fans.  Fabric curtain walls can help decrease the overall area that needs to be exhausted.  By focusing on a smaller area, the exhaust equipment can be better specified to meet a facility's air contaminant control needs.  Curtain walls can also be configured to allow a positive air pressure from clean room into the room being exhausted, keeping air particulate where it should be.  

HVLS fans are another resource managers can turn to.  These fans increase ventilation rates and air distribution throughout facilities.  They also spread out air particulate so workers aren't constantly being exposed to the same harmful dust all day. 

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