Rite Hite http://ritehite.com/blog/ Connect with Rite Hite to receive the latest industry news and updates en-us Download: HVLS Fans White Paper http://ritehite.com/blog/blog-2/download-hvls-fans-white-paper/ What is a HVLS fan?  While the purpose of a HVLS fan is similar to that of a traditional ceiling fan, HVLS fans can measure up to twenty four feet in diameter and one fan can cover up to 22,000 square feet.  HVLS fans slowly circulate a large amount of air in a very large space.  Air is pulled from above the fan and pushed down in a conical shape to the floor below.  Air travels in this cone shape until it hits the floor and then moves in a horizontal stream away from the diameter of the fan. It is the shape, not the number of blades that generates the large volume of air movement needed for an effective HVLS fan.  Maximum air volume is delivered when there is a consistent amount of air movement across the entire diameter of the fan. Originally designed to keep dairy cattle cool, HVLS fans are now being used in warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, and a variety of other applications. HVLS fans have benefits year-round.  They keep people cool in the summer and in... Tue, 15 Apr 2014 09:03:05 +0000