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Rite-Hite Machine Guarding Side-To-Side industrial safety curtains are manual retractable curtains ideal in situations where restricted access is required.

The Side-To-Side rolls onto a constant pressure roller tube when not extended for clean, unobstructed access to the machine. When extended, the Side-To-Side becomes an effective screen from process driven hazards such as wed flash, sparks, light flying debris and other potential hazards. The Side-To-Side also serves as a visual deterrent to entry into restricted space.


  • Retractable curtain allows for easy reconfiguration of work cell.
  • Aids in containing process driven hazards.
  • Retractable roll curtain that extends horizontally.
  • Easy to use and easy to install.
  • Multiple standard heights available.

Features and Benefits:

  • Combines safety/weld curtain and retraction device into a versatile fabric area protection system.
  • Custom sizes available - please consult Rite-Hite Machine Guarding Products.
  • Multiple fabric choices to match application.
  • Visual deterrent to prevent entry into restricted space.
  • Multiple mounting options available.
  • Ideal for overhead crane/material handling movement, no overhead obstructions when retracted.
  • Heavy Duty design withstands harsh manufacturing environments.
  • Used frequently on Robotic Weld Cells.
  • Can be interlocked to automated process or machinery.
  • Extends out up to 25' and stores safely out of harms way requiring minimal floor space.

Technical Information:

Standard curtain heights are 3' and 4', widths up to 20'.

3'H x 12'W
3'H x 20'W
4'H x 12'W
4'H x 20'W

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