Industrial Ventilation and Air Cleaners

Industrial Ventilation and Air Cleaners

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Rite-Hite Machine Guarding offers a complete line of ambient fume extraction units and industrial air cleaners for welding smoke, industrial ventilation, dust extraction and other airborne particulate in industrial applications. All units are designed to be energy efficient, simple to install and easy to maintain. Our modular design allows for size ranges of 2,500 CFM to 7,000 CFM. By using multiple units and custom curtain enclosures, Rite-Hite Machine Guarding can greatly reduce the area being filtered economically.


  • Steel fabricated cabinet and panels with powder coated finish.
  • Tested and proven to handle both dry and oily welding fume collection applications.
  • Simple to service.
  • Better Air Patterns - Air is circulated throughout the space in several small circular air patterns. Less dead air space.

Features and Benefits:

  • Magnahelic pressure/service gauge standard.
  • Easy access filter service doors.
  • HEPA filter is available for stainless steel welding (to control hexavalent chromium).
  • No dust trays or dump bins are necessary.
  • Does not require any compressed air.
  • Performance guarantee and available sizes to meet your specific welding smoke cell application.
  • Energy efficient "low cost of ownership" Less hp per cfm to operate. Units utilize a high volume/low pressure centrifugal fan which requires less horsepower.
  • Curtain enclosures available to reduce cubic foot of area that needs to be filtered.
  • Dust proof lighting kits available.
  • Great in Autobody Shops for Autobody, Fiberglass Dust and other particulate.
  • No ducting - Self-contained filter/blower package. Allows more freedom in location, less expensive to install (typically no mechanical contractor required) and easier to move or reconfigure as your business grows or your plant layout changes.
  • Designed for fumes extraction, smoke, industrial dust extraction and other airborne particulates.
  • 95% efficient, 2-stage industrial air filtration system.
  • Pre-filter is a Merv 7 pleated filter.
  • Final filter is a multi-pocket Merv 13 filter bag.
  • Modular construction is designed as part of a complete clean air system package.
  • Can be stacked in a number of vertical, horizontal, or quad configurations.
  • Inexpensive method of Air Filtration for Welding Smoke & Welding Fumes & Industrial Airborne particulate and smoke.

Technical Information:

12 & 14 Ga. Powder Coated Steel Frame
3/16 Polyethylene Panels
Full Carbon Steel Construction Available

3/4 HP 115/1/60 PSC Type Motor
2 HP 230/460/3/60 TEFC Motor
3 HP 230/460/3/60 TEFC Motor
5 HP 230/460/3/60 TEFC Motor

Jct. Box (except T3000 wired to switch)
Optional Motor Starter (T3500 and above)

T3000:10 x 10 Direct Drive
T3500:10 x 10 Belt Drive
T4500:10 x 10 Belt Drive
T6000:12 x 12 Belt Drive
T7500:12 x 12 Belt Drive

4" Pleated Prefilter
95%* Bag Filter

TEAO Motor Option (T3000 only)
Magnahelic Pressure Gauge
2" Carbon Tray
65% Bag Filter

2500-7,250 CFM

T3000:25"H x 72" W x 25"D
T3500:25"H x 72" W x 25"D
T4500:25"H x 72" W x 25"D
T6000:50"H x 82" W x 25"D
T7500:50"H x 82" W x 50"D

WEIGHT: 210-620 lbs.
* Efficiencies are based on ASHRAE test methods for industrial air purifiers.

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